March 27, 2012


Posted in Financial Planning tagged , at 4:30 pm by Iris Mack Dayoub

Its 7:15 a.m. and the leader of the group starts the meeting with a question for all the attendees. Doesn’t sound like fun; but after a cup of coffee, the laughter and retrospection starts as each of us gets a turn to answer.

A few weeks ago the question was: What one thing do you do to maintain balance in your life?

When I think of balance I immediately remember the hours I spent on a seesaw during recess while in elementary school. Two things can happen to make a seesaw balance:  add some weight to the light side or remove something from the heavy side.

Almost all of the responses to the question at that early morning meeting were of the “addition” type. Several people use yoga, another prayer, and some mentioned meditation along with some hilarious ways to unwind

What if taking something off the agenda or removing something from the “To Do” list was an option?

Subtraction possibilities:

  • Emails with “Fwd:” in the subject line
  • Meetings with no purpose
  • Angry Birds

Let me know what you are subtracting.

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