September 6, 2012

Conventions and Change

Posted in Financial Planning at 1:43 pm by Iris Mack Dayoub

Growing up in West Virginia with my brother and sister, we shared chores. Ironing was one of my favorites for several reasons. I thought it was the easiest of all the jobs, and I got to listen to the radio while ironing. In the summer, it was usually Waite Hoyt giving play-by-play descriptions of the Cincinnati Reds and fascinating stories during rain delays. I recently enjoyed the write up about Waite in Wikipedia (

Summer time also brought political convention coverage to the radio. Again there were play-by-play descriptions of the delegates engaged in discussion and debate. Back then the candidates for president and vice-president were chosen by the delegates who were elected by the state in an election or at the state convention. There was a lot of anticipation and speculation about who would be chosen to represent their party in the November election. I loved listening to the roll calls as each state would do a commercial about their home. Some of them were very creative and entertaining. It was fun to imagine the hushed conversations in the smoky backrooms where the decisions and compromises were made.  I could see myself attending a convention when I grew up. Changes have occurred over the years, so that now we know far in advance of the conventions who will run. Having a competitive nature, I have lost my desire to attend a convention with a pre-selected nominee.

We are all told that change is good and that we should go with the flow, but sometimes it is easier said than done. I recently read that change is hard and that thinking more about change as transition can ease the pain. Here at Alpha we work with people who are going through a variety of changes. Some of the changes are hard: divorce, death, retirement, changing careers. We want to help our clients visualize what they can experience after the transformation has evolved and plan for the change as a transition to something attractive while making the journey as joyful as possible.

PS – After writing about Waite Hoyt, an internet-search for a recording of his voice led me to an 85-minute documentary “Waite’s World” directed and narrated by Donn Burrows at


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  1. Mary Ann Moore said,

    Hi Iris,
    I enjoyed your article. It took me back to my radio listening days as well. Good to see you are still writing and doing iron-man races. Let’s catch up sometime. Mary Ann Moore

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