January 2, 2015

The Question

Posted in Behavioral Finance, Financial Planning tagged at 9:51 pm by Iris Mack Dayoub

When someone inquires about our services, we schedule a Discovery Meeting to learn more about them. At the end of that meeting I always ask the following question:

         Suppose it is a year from now.  What would have to happen during that year for you to look back and say that hiring Alpha as your financial guide was one of the best decisions you ever made?

I thought it was a unique way to get clarification on what Alpha needs to do to make sure goals are realized.

Then I came across a copy of a little book by Dan Sullivan, the founder of The Strategic Coach, who writes about this question:

If we were having this discussion three years from today, and you were looking back over those three years, what has to have happened in your life, both personally and professionally, for you to feel happy with your progress?

The Dan Sullivan Question: just asking will change your life / Dan Sullivan / Toronto, Canada 2011

Entering the New Year is another great opportunity to look ahead and imagine the end of 2015. What would have to happen for you to be happy? Years ago, Janice Gantt led the first of what became an annual ritual for many of her friends. Janice would guide each of us to write a letter to ourselves in the first person as if it was the end of the year. The letter covered many aspects of our lives – personal, professional, emotional, spiritual, and physical. As we were writing she would quietly suggest topics and ideas to inspire us to think about what was really meaningful to us. Of course, if you knew Janice, you would guess that she included lots of ideas to have fun along the way. Even though Janice was taken from us by cancer, many of us continue the ritual of writing a letter, sealing it in an envelope and asking someone to mail it to us the day after Thanksgiving. I will write my letter this weekend.

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