October 16, 2015


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Elle Décor, one of my favorite magazines, provides me with inspiration, creativity, color and design. Each issue has a one-page article, “12 Things <Name> Can’t Live Without” that features a well-known designer with descriptions and photos of their favorite things. The list usually includes at least one museum or vacation destination along with books, clothing, cars, scents, restaurants, wines and jewelry.

We recently had a discussion in our office about the difference between money and wealth. We could also have a conversation about the difference between surviving and living. We all know the basic needs for survival:  oxygen, water, food, shelter, sleep. But to live life to the fullest, to thrive and grow we need more than the basics.

After reading a recent issue of Elle Décor, I started my own list of “things I can’t live without.” By adding photos and descriptions to a page in my Evernote app, it has evolved into a Gratitude Journal.

A friend has increased my enthusiasm for the venture by adding her “Daily Delight” posts to Facebook. She recently posted DD#937!

Making an intentional effort to recognize things for which I am grateful increases the likelihood that I will meet my goal of living life to the fullest.

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